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Mc Donnell Miller

Delivering reliable performance and safety in boiler and level control products for over 70 years. The Series 150 S combination low water cutoff/pump controller has been the standard for steam boiler manufacturers and users worldwide. The mercury free snap action switches introduced in 1996 make this popular, highly reliable control even better.

McDonnell & Miller is well known for steam and hot water boiler liquid level controls. In fact, McDonnell & Miller pioneered automatic regulation for boiler water levels and has been responsible for practically every major development in boiler level controls since 1924. Concepts in boiler control developed by McDonnell & Miller have become standard industry practice.

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After six decades of setting the standards, McDonnell & Miller liquid-level controls and low water cut-offs continue to serve the demanding needs of the industrial, commercial and residential construction market.

Take advantage of a wide range of controls and replacement components

McDonnell & Miller is the industry leader, providing the most comprehensive line of steam and hot water boiler liquid level control products. When you replace old controls with genuine, new McDonnell & Miller products, you are assured of system compatibility, warranty coverage and product reliability. Our controls, replacement heads, blow down valves and quick change cartridge valves are all designed to be completely interchangeable with older existing components.

The importance of proper maintenance.

Right from the start, your customers should know that proper maintenance can prolong the life of their boilers - and ensure that they operate safely as well as efficiently. Tell them about the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance and replacement. Keep records and then follow up when it's time to schedule an inspection. You'll be positioning yourself not only as the heating professional they can count on, but also as someone who cares about their safety.

Keep your customers safe and your reputation intact by regularly inspecting and replacing boiler controls.

Whether it's changing entire controls, or replacing heads or blow down valves, boiler control inspections and replacements aren't just good habits. They're essential to the safety and well-being of your customers. Just as a car requires periodic maintenance to keep it in good condition and to ensure the safety of the passengers, a boiler needs preventive maintenance too. Your customers rely on you as the heating professional who can help them keep their boiler operating efficiently and safely.

McDonnell & Miller products are universally available and stocked by your local wholesaler. Each McDonnell & Miller product is 100% Factory tested to assure reliability.

McDonnell & Miller is different from other control manufacturers because we are the only manufacturer capable of supplying you with either a float or probe type boiler control. You can expect an objective approach from us in meeting your control application needs.

McDonnell & Miller is the recipient of the highly coveted "ISO 9001" Certification. Recognized by more than 50 countries, these worldwide standards provide a uniform measure of quality procedures in manufacturing and service organizations.

Participation in the rigid and demanding ISO 9000 Certification process is one of our most important activities. We want our customers and competitors - around the world - to know that we are dedicated to designing, producing and marketing the very highest quality products available anywhere.




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