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Float and thermostatic traps are designed for commercial and industrial heating applications such as steam main drip traps, tank coils, heat exchangers, or others that require frequent start-ups and continuous modulating loads.

Inverted bucket traps are designed for a wide range of industrial applications including food processing and dry cleaning, or others that require condensate and air drainage.

Thermodisc traps are designed for applications such as high pressure steam, drips and tracer lines, or others with light or moderate loads.

Series 2000 pressure and temperature controls are designed to meet a wide range of capacity requirements and provide accurate, dependable, low maintenance operation.

Hoffman Specialty offers a wide range of products for steam and hydronic systems. Each product has been designed for optimum performance in a system. With over 70 years of experience and the expertise of our sales representatives, Hoffman Specialty offers support, service, and quality products.

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An important part of the Hoffman Specialty product line is the steam trap. The steam trap is an extremely important device that is tapped into a steam line to purge air and to extract hot condensate for reuse. Steam systems serving commercial buildings throughout North America are fitted with Hoffman Specialty steam traps. These trap types include Thermostatic, Float & Thermostatic, Inverted Bucket and Thermodisc - the highest quality steam traps found anywhere.

From steam traps to valves, from boiler feed units to temperature regulators and vacuum breakers, whether residential or commercial, Hoffman Specialty can fill the requirement.

Hoffman Specialty is the recipient of the highly coveted "ISO 9001" Certification. Recognized by more than 50 countries, these worldwide standards provide a uniform measure of quality procedures in manufacturing and service organizations.

Participation in the rigid and demanding ISO 9000 Certification process is one of our most important activities. We want our customers and competitors - around the world - to know that we are dedicated to designing, producing and marketing the very highest quality products available anywhere.



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