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Crown Engineering

Crown is one of America's largest manufacturers of electrodes, flame rods, and probes for ignition requirements of oil and gas fired equipment. Crown also manufactures transformer terminal connectors for the major OEM's. Products include: ignition electrodes, ignition terminals & connectors, ignition cable, fuel oil filters, combustion chambers, gaskets and gasket material, oil burner nozzles, oil burner couplings, water gauge glasses, circulator replacement parts, service tools.

Complete Product Listing

bulletArmstrong circulator replacement parts
bulletA strainers
bulletBeckett, Ducane, & Wayne air cones
bulletBeckett, Ducane, & Wayne flange gaskets
bulletBeckett electrode & tune up kits
bulletBeckett Silent Flow
bulletBlowout gun and C02 chargers
bulletBuss bars
bulletCad cell eyes and leads
bulletCarlin electrode & tune up kits
bulletCarlin flange gaskets
bulletChampion spark plugs
bulletCombustion chambers and blankets
bulletCouplers for B & G and Armstrong pumps
bulletDial and Pocket thermometers
bulletDucane replacement parts
bulletEasylink couplers
bulletElectrode and ignition kits
bulletElectrode setting gauges
bulletFiberfrax rope, and gasket paper
bulletGaskets and cover gaskets
bulletHago Precision oil nozzles
bulletHigh temperature fiberboard
bulletIgnition terminal and transformer kits
bulletIgnition terminals and hardware
bulletJ,H,S strainers
bulletMiller plate & flange gaskets
bulletMonarch Nozzle wrench & Pump Test kit
bulletN-E Hite auxiliary tank UL Listed
bulletOil filter refills: Felt, Cotton, & Rayon
bulletOil pump strainers
bulletOpen mesh grit cloth
bulletOSV Oil safety valves
bulletO.E.M. electrodes and igniters
bulletPioneer couplings and accessories
bulletRed Silicone cable 7mm-UL Listed
bulletRegin smoke emitters
bulletRiello universal flange gaskets
bulletSchott high pressure gauge glass
bulletSchott red line gauge glass
bulletSensor Lube and Hydronic Oil
bulletService tools:
bulletElectrode Tip bending tool
bulletFin combs
bulletGauge Glass cutter
bulletLong hex key wrench set
bulletPocket level tool
bulletPorcelain & Glass cutter
bulletRatchet box wrench
bulletSoot kutter
bulletTape measures
bulletTelescoping inspection mirrors
bulletTelescoping lighter
bulletTelescoping magnet
bulletTerminal crimping tool
bulletT-Wrench cap remover
bulletWire cutting & crimping tool
bulletSilicone tape
bulletSL Auburn igniters and flame rods
bulletSL Auburn liquid level controls
bulletSL Auburn observation parts
bulletSL Auburn protector boots
bulletStandard gauge glass
bulletStandard & custom made copper oil lines
bulletStandard & UL Tigerloop oil deaerators
bulletStandard electrodes
bulletStandard & Marvel gauge glass washers
bulletSteel braided oil line hose 24" & 36" lengths
bulletSuntec and Webster boost pumps
bulletSuperior smoke bombs
bulletTaco and Thrush couplers
bulletTest Leads
bulletThermeez high temperature ceramic putty
bulletUL and CSA Listed GTO cable
bulletVacuum breaker/suction check valve
bulletV-belts 3L, 4L, 5L, & Hi-Power belts
bulletWayne Blue Angel electrodes & tune up kits
bulletWoods couplers and inserts



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