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Beckett Benefits


Some important benefits for using Beckett oil burners:

As the largest producer of residential oil burners in the U.S.A. and perhaps in the world, Beckett supplies oil burners to virtually all of the U.S.A. manufacturers of residential oil heat equipment, and some of those manufacturers rely on Beckett as their sole supplier. This is a responsibility that Beckett takes very seriously and they have not disappointed their customers. For over 55 years OEM's and distributors have trusted Beckett for the latest in burner technology and equipment improvements which provide:

bulletDesign simplicity
bulletEase of installation
bulletMinimum Service

Design Simplicity

Beckett has but two basic residential oil burner chassis': "AF" & "SF". Each chassis can be fitted with a wide range of: A. air tubes to provide the optimum length for a specific heating application; and B. burner heads to accommodate a wide range of firing rates. This simplifies inventory requirements because a single chassis can serve a wide variety of applications and firing rates simply by changing air tube or burner head.

Ease of Installation

The burner chassis is compact, fully assembled with motor, pump, transformer and optional valves and controls factory mounted. The air tubes are shipped separately to minimize shipping volume and to maximize inventory flexibility. The air tube quickly mounts to the chassis and a variety of flanges and pedestals are available to facilitate installation.

Minimum Service

By providing time tested and proven components made by prominent manufacturers, Beckett assures its users of durability and reliability. Consequently, spare parts are readily and quickly available at competitive prices.

Beckett's time tested and proven philosophy of residential oil burner design and technology has been carried forward to their Series CF commercial oil burners providing the same benefits to users of larger capacity oil burners.




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